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BN Gameday: Oregon State Pre-game Thread

<em>3:30 hours left till kickoff.</em>
3:30 hours left till kickoff.

Our kickoff is around 4:00 PST. Our game thread is going to go up around 3:30 pm PST. So we have another Saturday when we have an entire afternoon of college football to lead into our game.

Everyone is going to be keeping an eye on TCU at Utah (starting at 12:30 pm PST) but I think there are more interesting games to keep an eye on. Alabama at LSU. Les Miles's team has had a crazy season and it wouldn't be a shocker at all if they pull off an upset at Baton Rouge in a game starts around 12:30 pm as well (CBS).  Nebraska at Iowa State (12:30 pm ABC) will also be interesting as well. SBN's Sean Keeley has the full weekend rundown with the TV schedule here. You can keep track of the full scoreboard here.

So if you are watching other games this am, share your quick takes, observations or pre game nervous musings, here is our open thread. Have fun.