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BN Gameday: Oregon State Second Half Thread

Well at the end of the first half the score is 7-7. Guess there are positive points to take in from first half. Richard Brehaut essentially shared all the arguments against him for not being good enough to run his offense. He came out and calmly led the Bruin to a TD by showing off his wheels (at the half he has 47 yards and 1 TD in 10 rushing attempts and also complete 4 of 6 for 50 yards. Bruins went up by a score of 7-0. The Beavers tied up the score thanks to sloppy tackling and pathetic zone defense from Chuck Bullough's unit.

Perhaps the Bruins could have had a lead at half time. However, Rick Neuheisel showed off his Terry Donahue genes by making the wimpy decision to settle for FG towards the end of first half. He decided to play it safe with Forbath who promptly missed the FG. Thanks to inspired performances of Jordan Zumwalt and Dietrich Riley the Bruins are in the game with a chance to win it. Let's hope they can get it done in the second.