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Basketball Game Thread: UCLA v. Cal Poly

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Tonight's game is not about the opponent. If UCLA plays up to their ability, Cal Poly should not have a chance. That does not mean UCLA just has to show up. Cal Poly keeps the score down and plays good defense. They will do their best to hang around and pull out a close win.

How will UCLA beat Cal Poly's almost certain zone. Will Reeves Nelson and Joshua Smith be able to overpower a packed in zone? Will the Bruins "push it" more? Or will we live and die with Tyler Honeycutt, Malcolm Lee, and Zeke Jones Lamb from the outside? The tipoff is scheduled for 5:07 pm PST on Prime Ticket. The official preview is here but for more on Cal Poly check here.

You can also track the game online via the official site. . As always if you are watching the game, share your instant thoughts/commentary here in our game thread. Fire away.