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The Shady (& Hilarious) Details Behind Baxter's Cart-gate Scandal

Hmm, what is Lame and his Trogans trying to hide?  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Hmm, what is Lame and his Trogans trying to hide? (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Getty Images

What a surprise.  Another year, another Cheatey Petey waterboy former assistant at the helm, another running back getting benefits and hanging out with agents.  On the plus side, it looks like the NCAA "scrutiny" on ol' Southern Cal is working.  I mean, Reggie's parents got a free house.  McKnight's baby mama only got a free Range Rover from "United States China" and, now, it looks like the U$C boosters can only shell out for a golf cart ride.  At this pace, the next "star" running back at U$C should be looking solid with his brand new Big Wheel.

So, let's see what we know.  According to WWL, there seems to be a bit of agent-related tomfoolery going on at Second Choice:

  • Freshman RB Dillon Baxter (of "lying about other schools violating NCAA rules" fame) allegedly "solicited a ride in a golf cart" on U$C's campus from, get this, an NFLPA certified agent.
  • That NFLPA certified agent is none other than Teague Egan, a U$C "student" who is also the "CEO" of some frat boy wet dream business called "First Round Enterprises."  Here is their comical website.  On a side note, word is that their website is in an absolute death-match for the title of "Best Goofy-Ass Website Pretending to be Serious" with these guys (you know the fine folks run by this guy).
  • According to ESPN, a current Louisville and former U$C linebacker, Jordan Campbell (who was the fastest to jump off the sinking ship when sanctions hit), was listed as a partner on the "agency's" official website.  But as Wolf amusingly pointed out, Campbell's name has "mysteriously" disappeared.  Fortunately, those chumps couldn't get his name off the Facebook group before this screen shot was captured.  Oops.
  • ESPN also reported that "longtime NFL agent and current U$C adjunct professor of law Fred Fenster is also listed as the legal senior adviser for the company."
  • Fenster, a U$C adjunct professor, is now claiming he has nothing to do with First Round Enterprises.
  • Truth be told, there was probably little benefit from riding on the golf cart itself.

Now, as we know, U$C made a big show out of sitting McKnight Jr. Baxter out of one game and letting the story die down with the aid of a cut-and-pasting "beat reporter" from the Los Angeles Trogan Times.  After placing some heavy (but not extensive-enough) sanctions on the Cheaters Trogans, the NCAA should be keeping a close eye on this developing story.  Let's talk about the glaring red flags after the jump.

As of today's date, no picture of this golf cart has made its way around the interwebs, with HT to jthirtyfour you can see the golf cart here, which as the reports accurately pointed out, the logo of "First Round Enterprises" was prominently plastered it, which makes one wonder where U$C's "compliance officials" have been up (although we shouldn't be surprised since rumor is that this guy is U$C's chief compliance officer).

But that's not all.  If you recall, there was a bit of a Trogan crime spree in Nantucket.  Guess who was right in the middle of it.  None other than Everson Griffin and First Round's partner, Jordan Campbell.  Now if you look closely at these pictures, you'll see that the fellow with the bottle in his hand is none other than Sterling Brewster, who is listed as an agent for First Round Enterprises, as you can see from a screen grab below:



Oh, and it gets even better (from the First Round Facebook page):

1st Round Entertainment is a full service nightlife promotions/marketing company which offers USC students the best Los Angeles has to offer. 1st Round is changing the spectrum of nightlife offered to USC students by promoting and executing events that will give partygoers stories for years to come. Catering to the college and young professional clientele we will host weekly parties in the downtown area and around L.A. LIVE with free transportation, free entry to all venues, and free first drinks because the "First Round's on Us!". Come celebrate the best years of your life with USC's finest! If you are interested in learning more about our company and how you can become one of our nightclub venues, or plan a special party or event please contact our team.

First, I love how comical it is that these dumbasses young entrepreneurs are trying to backpedal by "explaining" that the "First Round" refers to drinks, not the first round of the NFL Draft, despite Teague Egan's professed goal:

His goal now is to represent four to six of his friends, who also happen to be USC football players, in the upcoming NFL draft — signing them as clients as soon as Sunday.

Although, apparently, there is some "first rounds" being passed around from Teague to his U$C football buddies, according to the L.A. Times:

Did you buy them a round of drinks? I asked, knowing he's an agent looking to sign clients and the fact his dad owns Alamo Car Rental and has been funding his son's efforts.

"No, not anymore," he says, the "anymore" just one more concern for USC's compliance officers.

Let's see.  Besides First Round Entertainment's name being as hilarious as United States China, it's run by a U$C student, who is somehow an NFLPA certified agent who wants to sign all of his football buddies as his clients ASAP, he's giving out free drinks to said football players, and driving U$C's star freshman running back around in his company golf cart.

On a side note, I love that some rich kid is bankrolling his wet dream business with Daddy's Alamo Car Rental money and acting like prototypical Trogan douchebags (warning: extreme douchebaggery within).

Anyway, this whole First Round business brings up some interesting questions.  How many U$C players are involved with First Round Enterprises?  How many have accepted free rides, free alcohol, and other benefits from Teague Egan and his frat boy business partners?  Looks like our friends at the NCAA have some digging to do, which one would think would raise major red flags for a "university" just put on probation for having "student-athletes" like Reggie "Free House" Bu$h and O.J. Payo.

Watching Trogan fans go into full panic mode has been amusing to say the least and once again, U$C finds itself in the middle of an NCAA eligibility controversy.  But, none of this should be a surprise to anyone who follows BN on a regular basis.  All this hype about "Ethical Pat" and in reality, it's just business as usual over at Second Choice.