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Highway Robbery in Lawrence: Bruins Fall 77-76 to Ref Crew

I'll keep this short. It's the only way I can type this out without inserting all manner of four letter words into this post.

Tyler Honeycutt had a heroic effort with 33 points, including the game tying 3 pointer at the end of regulation.

Joshua Smith was dominant inside, chipping in 17 points of his own.

Our point guard play was lacking from both Zeke and Anderson.

And the refs ruined one hell of a great game, inexplicably overturning years and likely decades of precedent of officiating at the end of games, gifting Kansas a cheap win with a cheap call on a loose ball. For 39 minutes and 59 seconds, the Bruins and Jayhawks battled to an even tie. Then the refs decided they wanted in on the action.

The Bruins see their postseason aspirations take a decent sized hit, all because a few donkeys officials decided that they were bigger than the game and to screw the Bruins and college basketball fans out of what would have likely been an interesting overtime period.

There, no curse words right?