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Concern Trolling: Times Writers Struggle to Use Their Brains

Yesterday, local waste of oxygen Eric Sondheimer from the SUC Times needed to excrete some random words onto his blog in order to justify his continued employment. Unfortunately with "nuggets" like this particular post, he makes it clear that he's just as much of a lazy incompetent hack as his coworkers:

Take the case with UCLA. In a year where the receiver position in Southern California has been stacked, the Bruins have struggled on who to recruit and then when someone went elsewhere, they didn't know what to do.

Is everyone sufficiently scared yet? They don't know what to do! How are we ever going to fill up our 15 available scholarships this year if we're striking out on wide receivers? I mean, clearly that's a bigger positional need than, say, quarterback (Hundley), or OL/DL (four more rides spoken for). We don't have any WRs coming in people! Well, except Shaq Evans transferring in from Notre Dame.

No, what am I saying? It's panic time! Clearly even with the limited available scholarships, we need another WR Right Now. It's not like Neuheisel has ever closed well on recruits...oh wait, yes he has.

The thing is, none of this means that we'll close well this year or get a bunch of pleasant surprises on signing day like this past year. Recruiting is a tricky game and notoriously difficult to project. That's what makes posts like Sondheimer's a ridiculous waste of space. If signing day comes and goes and we haven't addressed holes in the roster, then he gets the green light to fire away, but nitpicking on a position that isn't even a positional need and a failure to wait until signing day on a coach that has a history of closing out strong on his recruiting classes just reeks of concern trolling. How do these people stay employed?