Why Recruiting Stories - Today - Are Worthless

As usual, Tydides is using his brain.  If only the LAT writers were, too.

Anyone remember Brock Berglund?  He's a kid who plays QB at a small private high school in my hometown of Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  He is a 3 star prospect per Scout.  And for a while this summer, he was presumed to be a Bruin.

Then he changed his mind, and committed to Colorado, becoming the star recruit for Dan Hawkins.  Well, Hawkins doesn't work for CU anymore.  The new head coach at CU is bringing a new offensive coordinator and plans for a pro-style system, and Bergland decided this system wasn't the best fit for him,  So - today - he decommitted from CU and said he is going to Kansas.  Yes, really.  Kansas.  Carry on, our wayward son.

The point of all this is that judging recruiting classes - today - doesn't mean much.   

So when noted oxygen waster Eric Sondheimer wrote a piece criticzing Rick Neuheisel's recruiting class - today - he was simply showing how little he understands about Neuheisel and recruiting - unless he was just advancing the Trogan Times' agenda of concern trolling and generating controversy around anything Bruins.  Hmmm.

Fortunately, we have Ty to set the record straight for those who aren't clear.  UCLA's commits thus far have focused on our biggest needs.  Bergland's change(s) of heart show that nothing is settled - today - let alone for LOI signing day.  And Rick Neuheisel has always been a great last minute recruiter.  Consider our prospects last Dec 20.  Then consider how things ended up last Feb 3

Call me in February, Eric.  Until then, please hold your breath.

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