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Game Thread: MSU v. UCLA

We all know this game is a prime for a let down after the big win for Coach against BYU. As UCLA captain Malcolm Lee said UCLA has a habit of playing to the level of the competition. However, PAC 10 player of the week Reeves Nelson has said that it won't happen again and UCLA needs to win their last two games non-conference for their RPI. Montana State has not won this year away from home but does traditionally start games well.

The tipoff is scheduled for 7:37 pm PST on "Bruin TV". You can follow the game online here. The official preview is here, a little BN preview is here. Good news for the Bruins for possibly the first time this year, the injury report is empty. Here's hoping a healthy Bruins team blows out MSU and we get some Blake Arnet time tonight.

As always if you are watching the game, share your instant thoughts, commentary here in our game thread. Fire away.