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The Bruins Nation Awards: Vote For Best Comedy

<em>Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">Official Site</a></em>
Photo Credit: Official Site

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Inaugural Bruins Nation Awards.

In true Hollywood fashion, nothing is as important as the celebration of one's self. And while shameless self-promotion has burdened us such disgraces as Jon & Kate +8, Balloon Boy, KK and Paris, the difference here is that Bruins Nation deserves the spotlight. This place is great. Let's honor ourselves.

In 2010, BN gave us some gut wrenching laughs and some soul twisting drama. So what better way to wrap up the year by revisiting the most truly epic moments in our little corner of the blog world which covers the best University in any corner of the world. Thus, we present the inaugural Bruins Nation Awards. Best Comedy is today. Best Original Post will follow in a couple days.

The front pagers nominated the following threads. Links are provided in each title to relive these great BN moments. Finally, everyone's votes will determine the winner. The threads/posts are introduced below the poll, after the jump.

So, with no further ado, the nominees for Best Comedy Post/Thread are...

The Original Trogan, truebluebruin
Highly touted recruit Markeith Ambles tweeted that he was considering *$c with an apparent typo. Unfortunately for Ambles and *$c's academic reputation, the same "typo" reappeared a day later when he announced his commitment with "I'm a trogan". In a smaller upset, Ambles was kicked off the team this fall. While we certainly hope Ambles gets his act together, we will always thank him for his epic contribution to the Bruin lexicon.

St John's Commits Suicide - Lazy Lizard Lavin Loses Debut, Nestor - Telemachus
While the mention of CHP usually brings up many emotions, laughter is not often one of them. In these 2 threads, however, the enthusiasm of St John's fan at this "home run" hire, and the less than sympathetic tone of BN readers in Tele's photo sequel of the lizard's unsuccessful debut, was nothing but hilarious. Good luck, Red Men Storm. Don't say we didn't warn you. But you will always have fencing.

He Is The Most Interesting Bruin in the World, BlueWave
Inspired by the suave renaissance caballero in the Dos Equis commercials, this Bruin took on Pauley construction, weeder classes, our hated rival, and even Nestor, and always came out on top. Stay Blue and Gold, My Friends.

"Cleansing": Listing All The Classic/Frustrating/Agonizing/Nightmarish Bruin Scenarios in Texas/Washington State/Berkeley, Nestor
When the master of the game thread anti-karma comment took his efforts to an industrial scale, these 3 pre-game worst case scenario threads presented by BN readers prior to Texas, WSU, and then Cal were inventive, funny, and tragic, proving once again that Cal and Michigan have nothing on UCLA when it comes to self-loathing - especially when most of those scenarios came true.

Blake Arnet's Chances?, DoctorMexican
An unknown burst into BN lore with this incredible post considering the chances for greatness for a player many never knew was even on the roster. The ensuing discussion reached new levels of incredulousness, nonsense, and hilarity, making this clearly one of the top 20-30 funniest threads in Bruin Nation this year.

Okay, Bruins Nation, those are your the candidates. Which of these posts and threads was the funniest of 2010? Exercise your democratic responsibility and vote for your favorite. Voting is open for a week. Feel free to include any comments below.