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A Merry Bruin Christmas - And Happy Holidays, Bruins Nation!

Well, it has been yet another interesting year here at Bruins Nation. The past 12 months have not been the brightest for our football and basketball teams, but there is certainly hope for Neu's guys to take a great step forward next fall, while Ben Ball still has most of its game ahead, and much to play for. While the big boys have taken a step back, UCLA's non-revenue sports have helped shoulder the load of success as well as discussion here. The Bruin Baseball team's run to the College World Series Championship series was a memorable couple of weeks, and the rise of the Women's Basketball program under Nikki Caldwell has been another bright spot.

In more directly site-related events of the past year, we have seen some really humorous moments (some of which gbruin has put together - don't forget to vote for your favorite), some sad, if not unexpected changes to the moderation, but also the ability of this community to band together for a noble cause.

Anyway, with all that, on behalf of all the moderators and members of Bruins Nation, let me wish all of you out there that bleed blue and gold a very Merry Christmas, (Belated) Happy Channukah, Blessed Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus and Happy Holidays.