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BN Rivalry Gameday: Beat '$C Second Half Thread

<em>Number 12 needs to get his **** together. Fast.</em>
Number 12 needs to get his **** together. Fast.

We are just starting the second half at the Rose Bowl, Bruins down 7-14 to the trOJays despite some more than questionable scheming and playcalling on both sides of the ball by the Bruins. Franklin has giveth (his 59-yard TD the Bruins only score so far) and taketh away (a fumble returned for a $UC TD), but with Richard Brehaut's struggles in the first half (3-11, 56 yards), we need whatever he can give us in order to take back the Victory Bell.

I could write about Bullough, but would still be writing this post at the final whistle. This is your second half $C Mojo thread.