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Anger…denial…or still just too stunned to put it all together coherently?


Needless to say the season did not work out as we had all expected/hoped/prayed…something. I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t how CRN had it all penciled out in his mind. The injury bug, the failure to focus, gel as a team, the jekyl and hyde personality of the whole season. I watched the post game presser several times and really found myself fascinated at first by his failure to explain what happened to Franklin. Once past that I really became cognizant of his tone of voice, his in-ability to maintain eye contact, his posture and body language.


Here was a guy who was totally beat down and waiting for the shoe to drop. Although he got his vote of confidence from DG earlier this year…what did that conversation entail? Based on the body language one could suppose it was nothing good when taken in the context of letting a poorly coached $c team push you around and make your own “product” look even more weakly coached.

We started out saying, in what seems like a long ago place, that CRN would get 5 years. Records of 4-6, 7-6 and 4-6 have essentially negated that in my mind…and for many voices here on BN. DG now finds himself in a place he probably didn’t want to go to either…the tempting thought and angst about the need to either act…or possibly be criticized for inaction.


The athletic department is profitable. Football is the cash cow for that whole house of cards. Would spending a couple a million dollars more on salaries for coaches really break the bank? I think not. We play in a venue capable of seating nearly 95k for football. Would it be worth several more millions in expenses for coaching/staff if it generated 8, 9, 10 win seasons with 85k fans in the stands every weekend? I think we can afford it.


CRN’s coaching life now depends on recruiting. A task which just became measurably harder as a result of the season and this past Saturday nights pushing around at the hands of the criminals…err cheaters…errr…students down the street. Sorry Freudian slip. He also needs to act swiftly to shore up coaching issues, many of which have been discussed here on BN. The longer he delays, the stronger the cries for his own head will become. Right now, based on my feeling about his body language at the presser, he cannot survive the criticism, especially if it rises to some sort of fevered pitch.


I don’t know where in the process I am. I am past the anger phase. I don’t really want to hoist CRN’s head on pike right now. But what kind of program have we become or, maybe always have been in the last 10 years?


I turned to the Howell NCAA Division IA Football Power ranking. I could not find the 2010 rating…would be very low I suspect. Our ranking by year for the last 10 years ( as an indicator of what the quality of our program is) is


2009: .597 (54th)

2008: .423 (91st)

2007: .621 (46th)

2006: .670 (32nd)

2005: .741 (20th)

2004: .650 (30th)

2003: .522 (64th)

2002: .682 (29th)

2001: .702 (22nd)

2000: .629 (38th)


What does this mean? The Howell ratings run on a scale from 0 (worst) to 1 (the best) so a score of .5 reflects an average college football team…although keep in mind that the average includes teams from conferences like the MAC and the WAC. The average rating for a team in a so-called automatic-qualifier (AQ) conference, those that are guaranteed placement into a B.C.S. bowl game …is a bit over .6. The average team that appears in a post-season bowl game has a rating slightly over .7. The average rating for one of the 10 teams that appears in one of the five B.C.S.-sponsored bowl game is a little over .8. Finally, the national champion typically has a Howell rating on the order of .9.

Essentially our program has been above .7 is twice…in 2005 (CTS’ 10-2 year) and 2001. This rating system shows that we have been, with some exceptions, primarily an “average” Div IA school over this 10 year period (an barely a bowl qualifier.) But, we have likely not been (if I could find the 2010 figure) an average team for two of the three years CRN has been coach. If you are DG (or CRN) your “era” doesn’t look so good…

I think action is necessary and needs to be quickly, decisively taken.

Otherwise we remain in the phase of mediocrity. We cannot be having this conversation in February…

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