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UCLA Roundup: Zone and Money

Will UCLA eat Norm Chow's contract?  What about those of other assistant coaches? (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Will UCLA eat Norm Chow's contract? What about those of other assistant coaches? (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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UCLA Basketball can expect to see a zone from every mid-major after the Montana game

The zone was a big reason the Bruins shot 31 percent from the field after shooting 49 percent in their first six games against competition like Kansas and Villanova.

"We did a poor job of attacking the zone and showed little patience," Howland said. "I probably should have spent more time (Saturday) preparing for the zone, but I didn't feel good about the practice at all."

One potential zone buster, Matt Carlino, did not play despite being healthy.  When asked about Carlino, CBH responded:

He has not been out there a lot.  It was something going through my mind.  

Obviously that is understatement.  Carlino has yet to play in a real game.  More on basketball and briefly on football

I don't think Carlino was the answer but part of the answer was something more basic, according to the game tracker UCLA went 10-30 on LAYUPS.  How the heck can we win if we can't even make a layup.  As CBH commented in his searching for answers for why we lost:

We had a bunch of layups we missed. . .

If we go 50% on LAYUPS we have 10 extra points enough to win the game.  Smith and Nelson have to make those point blank shots even if they are contested. 

On football, there has been a lot of good posts and discussion.  Not sure, I believe the following but it is good news if it is true.  CRN will not make any decisions on hiring and firing based on money.  CRN interestingly refused to support former wunderkind CNC:

Neuheisel's repeated refusal to say whether he wants offensive coordinator Norm Chow back for the 2011 season overshadowed the final two weeks of this season. Chow said he wants to return to UCLA next season.

. . .

There has been speculation within the UCLA athletic department and administration that the school cannot afford to fire Bullough and Chow.

"Everything will be factored in," Neuheisel said referring to financial concerns. "But we can't be hamstrung by that."

. . .

The new deal includes a buyout. According to the terms of Chow's initial deal with UCLA, if he were to be "terminated without cause, the University will owe the remaining balance on the guaranteed compensation and the retention bonus, offset by any personal services income earned by the coach during the remaining period of the contract."

Last, my own comment on the SUC game.  At the game Jetski was doing well besides the fumble and when he disappeared we thought he was hurt.  I understand Jetski has a fumbling problem but he is also the best we had on offense:

UCLA, which had averaged only 111 yards rushing in the previous six games, had 127 by halftime but finished with 128. The Bruins' downhill slide in the running attack included 104 from Jonathan Franklin in the first half, though he finished with 109. He carried only once after his costly fumble turned the tide in the second quarter.

Here's hoping for some real and not cosmetic changes for football next year so that our team consistently is the best that it can be.  And the same for basketball.  This next streak of home games will be all zone all the time, CBH had better be ready.