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Kiffin's Recruiting Class Imploding Down The Stretch As Trojan Continue To Tumble In Rankings

While the Bruin Nation gets giddy in anticipation of signing day, the Trojan recruiting class continue to implode. Over the weekend UCLA raced past Southern Cal in's recruiting rankings as the Bruins climbed up to number 15, while the Trojans fell to 17. Now it looks like the Trojans have fallen to number 21 thanks to the decommitment of ... are you ready for this ... a punter. From

Frontier High School punter Matt Darr, who is's top rated player at this position in the 2010 recruiting class, has informed the USC coaches today that he intends to make the switch and sign with Fresno State on Wednesday.

YIKES. The folks over there are not happy over losing a punter to Fresno State (which ironically is the alma mater for Hello Kiffin). May be even the Trojans agree punting is winning? Seriously though I can see why people would be upset over losing a punter. I am sure Al Golden from Temple can write few posts on that topic considering his team's second half against UCLA. 

The Trojans now have only 13 players on their committed list (which BTW includes Giovanni Di Poalo as a 'soft verbal') and there another really interesting point on this punter recruitment after the jump.

There is a really curious note about Hello Kiffin's recruiting "efforts" specific to this situation from the same thread:

Matt was quoted in an interview with the publisher of the BarkBoard LAST WEEK saying NO COACH from USC had even called him since Kiffin was hired.

What did you expect the kid to do ???

Ooof. I thought Kiffin knows how that place "works"? That sounds very much ... Dorrellian.

It will be interesting to see how it shapes up heading into Tuesday. At this point of time though it is clear which school in Los Angeles, has clear cut momentum heading into NSD.