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Pac-10 Commissioner Doesn't "Expect" NCAA To "Hammer" Southern Cal

Chew on this from tWWL's Pac-10 blog (emphasis added):

As for other topics, Cowherd (Colin Cowherd of ESPN) asked what it would mean for the conference if USC football got hammered by NCAA sanctions.

Said Scott (Larry Scott, Pac-10 commissioner), "I don't expect that."

That response may be more than flip.

Keep in mind that the Pac-10 is the only conference that conducts its own investigations of potential member rules violations. Therefore, the conference probably has reviewed as much testimony and documentation from the USC case as the NCAA. Scott should have a fairly significant knowledge of what is going on, though he is new to college sports and is a neophyte when it comes to NCAA rules enforcement.

USC meets with the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions will meet Feb. 19-21 in Tempe, Ariz. It will be six to eight weeks before the NCAA's verdict is made public.

If Scott is making this kind of conclusion based on his office's "win investigations" he and the Pac-10 as an institution should lose all of their credibility to rest of the conference. If it's a case of him not knowing much about NCAA rules enforcement, someone from the conference should get him better prepped on how to handle these questions.

I hope this was a misstatment on his part and nothing more than that. The way it stands right now, his answer makes him look ignorant and completely out of touch. It makes him look impotent just as his ineffective and incompetent predecessor.

It would be good to get more clarification from Pac-10 commissioner concerning his answer and exactly what he means when he doesn't "expect" the Trogan to get "hammered by NCAA sanctions."