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40 More Days Till Spring Football At UCLA

<em>FGS work on your sliding Kevin. Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">le borst (flickr)</a></em>
FGS work on your sliding Kevin. Photo Credit: le borst (flickr)

CRN tweeted couple of days ago:

Counting down the days until spring practice! Our Bruins have made tremendous gains in strength and conditioning. Fires me up!

Well we just have 40 more days to go. UCLA officially released its spring football schedule this afternoon. It all gets started on Thursday afternoon at 4 pm:

Here is the schedule (tentative and subject to change) from our official site:

Week One - April 1 (4:00 pm), April 2 (4:00 pm) and April 3 (12:00 noon).

Week Two - April 6 (4:00 pm), April 8 (4:00 pm), April 9 (4:00 pm) and April 11 (11:00 am).

Week Three - April 12 (4:00 pm), April 13 (4:00 pm), April 15 (4:00 pm) and April 16 (4:00 pm).

Week Four - April 19 (4:00 pm), April 20 (4:00 pm), April 22 (4:00 pm) and April 24 (7:00 pm Spring Game at the Rose Bowl).

The annual Spring Game will be held on Saturday, April 24 at 7:00 pm at the Rose Bowl. Admission is free. Make sure to keep checking the official site before heading down for individual practices.

For now mark down those days. Note all of these practices are open to public and our countdown clock is already up.

I really hope as many BNers as possible living in Southern California flood Spaulding field bleachers and come back here to share your observations by filling up fanposts and fanshots. This is going to be one of the most anticipated spring football camp in recent memory.