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Center Court: UCLA Basketball (@ Washington) Open Thread

So on Thursday night the Bruins played at an arena (Friel Court) where they had won 16 games in a row. The role reverses tonight when the Bruins take the stage at Edmundson Pavillion, where they have an ugly 5 game losing streak. As mentioned in our game roundup this afternoon, the Bruins didn't win there even with AA, JF, KL, RW, LRMAM and other classic Ben Ball Warriors. Given how many reasons (which includes a national TV audience with tWWL's GameDay crew in attendance and senior day for Poindexter and crew) the Huskies (17-9, 7-7) have to be fired up for tonight's game, the pressure is going to be on the guys in purple to put together a dominating win.

In other words, the Bruins (12-13, 7-6) have nothing to lose with already one unexpected win in their current road trip. With that setting we can only hope the Bruins come out a little lose, but ready to play for 40 minutes with focus and intensity. Bruins will have to forget about a rabid home crow and also the SPTRs, who will come out giving the Huskies a ready made 8 on 5 powerplay for the entire 40 minutes. The game officially tips of at 6:05 PST. Dan Shulman is going to do play-by-play with Jay Bilas and Bob Knight doing color. Should be interesting to hear what Coach Knight and Bilas have to say about the two programs.

You can read up on all of our musings leading up to this game here. If you want to follow the game online you can do so via our official site. As always, we will be here in the game threads with our rapid fire takes and commentary. So let's get this party started. Fire away.