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The Prince - Luuuuuuuc - Sends A Message (Tweet) To Bruin Nation

LRMAM is on twitter. If you are not following you should over here. Earlier today we tweeted Luc:

@mbahamoute Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuc ... we miss you in Westwood. Come visit Pauley next time you are in LA.

LRMAM didn't waste any time in tweeting right back (becoming the first Ben Ball warrior to directly engage BN):

@BruinNation I miss Westwood too... I'll stop by and check out my bruinnation people next time I'm in LA

Responded here on behalf of all of you. Guess the point of this post is if you have a twitter account, you should be following us ... like now. Now if we can get our team to play with LRMAM's intensity and passion on defense for 40 minutes, we could have an interesting Saturday night.