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Another Sign Point To Possible Major Sanctions On Southern Cal's Scandal Tainted Program

This post from a website called Sportales is making the rounds in the internets today (emphasis added):

After a full three days of interviews, including two full days focused on Pete Carroll’s football program, the NCAA has wrapped up it’s investigation of the USC athletic program.  And while an investigation of this duration is virtually unheard of,  the worst news for the Trojans football program appears to be coming from leaked reports popping up over the last several hours.

One official directly connected to the investigation was directly quoted as saying that the only matter for discussion at this point is the severity of the sanctions.  It is all but assured that the Trojans will lose a significant number of scholarships and bowl eligibility for as many as two years, and will not be appearing on television.

Not sure how much credibility we can put on this post, however it is not random in the current climate. Remember, yesterday the New York Times reported that there were "signs" that Trogans will not likely get away with a mere "wrist slap" on its sleazy scandal tainted athletic program.  ESPN also published a column yesterday from Johnette Howard taking a direct shot at "USC arrogance." The most interesting aspect in all this is how will the NCAA come down in a  scenario in which an institution has not established solid track record when it comes to self reporting possible violations concerning the football program.

Also, as we are talking about violations concerning powerhouse football programs, Michigan was hit by the NCAA letter of investigations today, concerning alleged extra practice violations. Unlike the Trogans, University of Michigan held a news conference in which President Mary Sue Coleman, head football coach Rich Rodriguez and incoming athletic director David Brandon met all the reporters to discuss the allegations in detail.

A remarkable contrast from Mike Garrett and Steve Sample's renegade athletic program, which didn't bother informing the media about their letter of investigation last Fall.The Michigan example is the textbook example of how a respectable institution of higher learning that truly values its academic integrity, takes steps to institute control over an athletic department, while Trojan AD cries to LA Times about not having total control.

We will see how it all plays out. Clearly right now there seems to be signs of momentum towards some due justice (which should have been served up a while ago) in the world of college football.