Senior Day -- Keeping it Bruin Classy

Senior days are always poignant for me. They mark the passing of time, and in some cases the passing of dreams.

Some players have exceeded expectations. Some have not. But all stayed 4 years and are now Brother and Sister Bruins.

Senior night is a time to acknowledge that transition.

Some senior nights have come in games where there were league championships and tournament seedings at stake. Yet, all of our coaches have honored tradition and started the seniors -- even those who were weak and might put us slightly at risk. I like that tradition.

Tomorrow, the game will put little on the line.

But, during the pre-game there is a lot at stake -- our reputation as Bruins, as a community of class and decent people and fans.

Why the rant/lecture? Because there have been rumblings that some would like to use the night to "boo" one of our seniors. I really hope those were just frustrated words and that they do not turn into actions.

We've debated for the better part of the year that that senior was playing too many minutes and not playing particularly well. The debate has been robust and very appropriate. In the end, it is the coach who let him play those minutes, probably told him to take outside shots (or did not pull him when he did).

But, it is not appropriate to boo one of our own, on a night when he is to be honored -- probably with family next to him.

Whatever our feelings about any given player, our feelings about who we, as Bruins, are must control our behavior.

If the best you can do is politely clap -- politely clap. But, PLEASE, do not boo. It is just not the right thing to do.

Enough of my pontificating? OK, let me show you where my evil side has taken me.

I would not embarrass anyone during the ceremony. However, I do think we should celebrate "matador defense". Every time our player manages to come close to but not risk injury playing defense I think we should shout "Ole" just as the crowd at a bull fight shouts "Ole" when the matador avoids the bull.

I for one will do that in the game day thread. I think we should honor the matador in an appropriate way, and one that does not hurt his family's feelings or hurt our own reputation.

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