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Signing Day Roundup Podcast

UCLA's recruiting class is in the books. We now know who will be Bruins in 2010 and all those holes we saw in the roster after the EagleBank Bowl better have been filled now because we don't have anyone new walking through the door. On this special offseason edition of the BN football podcast we'll take a look at UCLA's signing class. Who did the Bruins get, who did they miss on and who went unsigned that they will stay on? All of that will be tonight when we break it alllllll down so join us at 6:30 7:00 pm PST for that. We'll also take your calls.

Here are the steps to call in, if you would like to do so:

1) Call (724) 444-7444

2) Enter the Call ID 65238 and press # afterward

3) When asked for your PIN, press 1#

4) Talk to us!

The show starts at 6:30 7:00 pm PST and you can listen live by clicking play above or you can listen afterward by clicking play or by checking out iTunes. This is your open thread for the 2010 Signing Day podcast so you can get your comments and questions in, which we'll look at work into the show.