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Celebrating Our New Bruins (With Video) - BN Signing Day Podcast Tonight At 6:30 PM PT

Guys, Coach Rick Neuheisel is having his signing day presser right now and it is being streamed LIVE on the official site. Also, as mentioned yesterday Rye and Josh are going to cap off the incredible day with a BruinsNation football signing day podcast tonight at 6:30 PST. They are going to take a look at UCLA's signing class and go over all of our key commitments with their perspective.

I am too euphoric to provide any kind of drawn our perspective right now. Just for now let's just go ahead and celebrate all the kids who provided a huge jolt our already great class by committing to the Bruins today. It all started with the signing of Jordan Zumwalt:

The 4 star MLB from Orange County basically made up his mind today to play for Rick Neuheisel, setting up a huge afternoon for the Bruins when they went 4 for 4 making one big splash after another.

After Zumwalt it was Owa's turn shock the nation (except the one bleeding blue and gold). If you all want to get a sense of perhaps potentially the most explosive DE recruit to sign for UCLA since Jamir Miller here is a little taste:

Then we went on to get stunned by Shirley:

Revved up by Anthony Jefferson:

And finish with Riley:

As Dietrich mentioned afterwards "UCLA's back". Come back here when Ryan and Josh continue to the celebration in their podcast tonight at 6:30 pm PST.