Get Your Trogans Gear Here!

Since Markeith Ambles committed to u$c* there's bound to be run on Trogans gear. Don't be the last to collect all the official gear here:

Here's just one sample of what's available at the site:



More Trogans fun after the jump.

Of course, that's not the only place to get your Trogans gear. Just check out Amazon_medium
The clock is currently unavailable, because of the spelling error. As soon as they get a new shipment in with "Trogans" correctly spelled, don't miss out!

Ben's Bazaar has the same problem, but is discounting the misspelled product:

Apparently, a disgruntled Trogans fan is getting rid of his neon sign on craigslist:

After you get all your gear, be sure to follow all the Trogans action at the sportinglink:

(Can you believe I didn't photoshop any of these images?)

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