oh-a-MAH-bay oh-dee-ga-ZOO-a: A Bruin Ambassador In The Making

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It has been alluded to several times that you not only recruit the student-athlete, you recruit their mother as well. It is an easy argument to make that most commits in the country make their commitment with a great deal of weight placed on their parents' input. In general, we can say that these kids have the right support and the guidance from their family. And since this post is really about Owa, I want to pay close attention to Owa's mom:

Judging by this interview it's clear to me that Owa and his mom are very close - for that matter, his is a close-knit family. I am particularly moved by his mom's emotional (albeit short) interview; you can tell she's a very proud mom and that she believes her son is mature enough to leave home and that Owa is now joining a new family, that of the Bruins family.

As a recent alumnus of this great university, I am very proud that our very own, beloved university is recruiting, firstly, students and secondly, outstanding athletes.

Owa is a superstar in the making, but what I am more thrilled about is what he may represent: a potential ambassador for our great institution.

You may want to read the article about Owa's commitment to play for the University of...California, Los Angeles here.

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