Hello Kiffin's "10 Minute" Rule

So this popped up in the LA Times today:

Trojans Coach Lane Kiffin said that in the three years since he last recruited for USC, not much had changed in the players that choose the Bruins over the Trojans.

"I watched it over the weekend, just to see if it's the same, and it's really still the same," he said. "I guess we waste time continuing to recruit them. We know within the first 10 minutes whether they're the type of guys that want to play here or there."

Actually this is something we can all totally agree with Hello Kiffin. It doesn't take 10 minutes to figure out who is a Bruin:

Owamagbe 'Owa' Odighizuwa of David Douglas High School chooses UCLA

Doesn't take 10 seconds to figure out who is a classic Bruin. We don't have clown posing as "student" athletes embarrassing themselves in front of the entire country fitting right in with the fun love (alleged) criminals from cross town:


I mean I can't blame kids like Dieterich Riley and Jordan Zumwalt wanting no part of Kiffin and Ogre's thugshow where the head coach thinks preening around half naked is cool or something.

Doesn't take 10 seconds to separate Bruins from Hello Kiffin's Trogans.


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