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Hello Kiffin, Meet Eric Kendricks: A UCLA "Type Of Guy"

I have a feeling we are going to revisit this point number of times over next 302 days. Again here is what Hello Kiffin say on NSD about kids who picked Bruins over his Trogans:

"I guess we waste time continuing to recruit them. We know within the first 10 minutes whether they're the type of guys that want to play here or there."

We couldn't agree more with Lame of course. Probably the only point we will ever agree with the mercenary Man-Boy, puppet in chief installed by Mike Garrett.Lame was obviously talking about newest Bruins such as Dietrich Riley and Josh Shirley who on signing day picked the Bruins over Trogans. However, he might as well have fired the shot at our entire program. So here is a little example of the

Case in point meet Erick Kendricks who gives us a little example of what is a UCLA "type of guy" (emphasis added):

Eric Kendricks, a 6-foot-1, 220-pounder who was averaging 17 tackles per game before suffering a late-season concussion, is following the path of his father, Marvin, a standout UCLA running back in the early '70s.

"I knew as a kid he went there, and I kind of always felt like I wanted to go there, too," said Eric, who also was courted by Fresno State, Nevada, Washington State and Stanford. "For some reason, I always thought I was going to get a scholarship, that it was the normal thing to do, that it was automatic. But, soon, I found out it wasn't, and that you had to work hard to get it."

Eric is a near straight-A student. And those close to him say his father, who lives in Fresno, also has played a significant role in the support system.

"Mom's such an involved, positive person, and she's done a great job raising the kids," Patriots coach Pat Plummer said. "And Marvin's been there all of the time, too.

"There's a good, solid base; they're well-grounded, low-maintenance, self-driven kids. They both get it."

Eric's older brother - Mychal Kendricks - is someone who should be all very familiar with. He is an outstanding LB for the Cal Bear, who also happened to have a crucial interception against the Bruins at the Rose Bowl. Hopefully Eric will have his shining moments in UCLA blue.  His coach had more to say about our newest Bruin:

"He always knew what he could accomplish, but was never cocky or arrogant about it," Hoover athletic director Tim Carey said. "If you just talk to him, you wouldn't know he's as good an athlete as he is. He doesn't carry himself that way, never has. He's just a down-to-earth, great kid."

Oh yeah, he can play a little ball too.

So Hello Kiffin can have his "Trogans" - "competers" and guys who need "hour and half" to get their "hair done" - all he wants.  We will celebrate our Kendricks and Owas. It's not going to take more than 10 seconds to tell a Bruin apart from Trogan. We can't wait to make that distinction even more clearly in 302 days.