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Center Court: UCLA Basketball (v. California) Open Thread

Woooo!!! How excited are we to watch the battle for the first place in Pac-10!! Can hardly contain myself here as I am about to head out in almost three feet of snow out to my local bar to watch this game (not kidding). I have no idea why I am doing it considering the last time I went to that bar (for a game on CBS) we got pummeled by Arizona. Then again if this team was worth the superstition, then I'd stay away from the bar. Not this year. Still have to watch the game too see how couple of good players with some hard working role players and some entitled scrubs around them perform in UCLA uniforms.

All signs point to a Cal win. They should be big favorites. They have revenge to exact and are realistically the only team left in the Pac-10 who can still get a Dance bid as an at-large team if they can win on the road today. The law of averages are working against the Bruins as they have won 6 games in a row (with two extremely lucky buzzer beaters). As for update on injury front Bobo Morgan is listed as a "probable" for this game.

The tipoff is scheduled for 1:00 pm PST. No Donnie Mac for us this afternoon (unless you have Bruin radio feed). We will have to deal with out of touch and usually clueless commentary from national broadcasters such as Verne Lundquist (who will probably find an angle to gush about Tebow) and Clark Kellogg (who will most likely pimp the Big-10). You can read up on all of our musings leading up to this game here. If you want to follow the game online you can do so via our official site. The game thread is all yours. I won't be around so you can fill it up with sunshine and rainbows.

Fire away.