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Trojans Once Again Trying To Create Desperate Noise Around Norm Chow

Looks like the Trogans are at it again. Apparently they feel so threatened by UCLA's signing day success that they are feeling pressured to spread the same rumors all over again. From the topline of

With signing day come and gone, assistant coaches at the college level are beginning to jump ship for other opportunities. In our latest Offensive Coordinator Hot Board, we highlight a couple of new names and revisit a few familiar ones, including the resurfacing rumors about Norm Chow returning to Troy.

Why stop there Trogans? Why not trot out SChilly Smith once again to legitimize this round of rumor mongering.

You have to LOL at their persistence in trying to create instability around the UCLA football program. Yeah, I am sure Norm Chow is going to leave UCLA now to go over to work for a narcissistic, man-boy, puppet coach like Hello Kiffin who has also been acting like a creepy pedophile. Why would Chow want to go work for some unproven egomaniac who wants to call his own plays.

This is nothing more than another pathetic attempt by the Trogans to inject Chow rumors in the traditional media. The fact of the matter is Norm Chow is contracted wit UCLA through this upcoming season. His representatives have been talking to UCLA about a long term deal.

Since UCLA is a public institution the talks will move slowly. It might take weeks if not more. If a long term deal with Chow doesn't work out he could head out somewhere else, but it would be going someplace like the San Francisco 49ers, than going over to a morally corrupt program who is led by a proven loser with sub .400 career winning percentage. Keep trying Trogans.