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Seantrel Henderson Opens Up A Gaping Hole In Hello Kiffin's Recruiting Class

So much for Hello Kiffin's top ranked recruiting class. All those Trogans who have been daydreaming about Norm Chow should have been more concerned about exactly the kind of recruiting class Kiffin has been putting together across town. Seantrel Henderson, the much hyped "recruit" for the Trojan's top ranked recruiting class is back on the market:

As has been suspected since Wednesday -- when Cretin-Derham Hall offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson committed to play at USC but did not sign a letter of intent -- the nation's No. 1 recruit is back on the market.

During an in-studio interview with KSTP-TV sports anchor Joe Schmit on Sunday night, Henderson and his father, Sean Henderson, made it clear that Seantrel will not sign with USC if NCAA penalties are too severe. But the extent of those penalties may not be known for months, and nobody knows how long the Hendersons are willing to wait.

USC officials will appear before an NCAA infractions committee later this month. The NCAA is investigating allegations that former football player Reggie Bush -- now with the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints -- broke rules by accepting cash, a car and free housing from businessmen who hoped to profit from Buch after he turned professional.

Schmit asked Seantrel Henderson if NCAA sanctions could change his mind about going to USC.

The 18-year-old said, "Yeah, I think it would. But at the same time, I would have to, you know, talk to the coaches to see exactly what’s going on and exactly what’s going to happen and then base my decision upon what’s going to be going on. Because that’s the school I would like to go to, but then at the same time I just can’t walk into anything that’s going to, like, make my future, you know, not as good as it could be."

Hmm. Sounds like a kid who is smartly weighing all his options. I wonder what recruits like Robert Woods and Dillon Baxter are thinking right about now. Seantrel Henderson's decommitment is not the only issue plaguing Kiffin's first class at Southern Cal. More on the troubling signs around Lamey's first class after the flip.

There are already chatters about academic casualty concerning Soma Vaniuku:

Just got some inside info that doesn't make Kiffin look too good.

In high compitition with Florida to earn the Top Recuiting Class, Lane Kiffin pressed Soma Vainuku, Eureka, to sign, already knowing Vainuku was not eligible to play at a Div. I school. Eligibility comes down to NCAA requirements for grades/SAT scores - don't want to get into any detail.

Good news is Soma will have a chance to start for a Community College of Junior College before going Div. I.

Plus, there are whispers coming out even from Trogan friendly outlet on the other most decorated recruit of Kiffin's first class:

Wide receiver Markeith Ambles of Georgia wanted to come to USC before Pete Carroll dropped him over character issues last summer.

Did you get that? Mr. Trogan was untouchable for even a sleazeball like Peter Carroll. All of this of course goes back to "Lamey's 10 minute's rule".

So what is going on here. Apparently Hello Kiffin and his Trogans were so desperate to make a splash on signing day that they didn't care to bring in recruits who were considered even too risky by Pete Carroll. They didn't care about bringing in recruits who were most likely going to be academic casualties. Now it looks like their star recruit is basically telling them not so fast given all the NCAA cloud over their program. On top of that recruiting analysts have already called this class "bipolar" for being short on linemen and linebackers.

Sounds like the Trogans should be more worried about plugging the gaping holes in what looks to be an over hyped recruiting class (purely for media production), than fantasizing about Norm Chow coming back to take orders from a Puppet "head coach."