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Vote For Tyus And Then Take A Drive Down Memory Lane

From the official site:

It's not an NCAA tournament without a buzzer-beater or two, or three ... or 16. That's how many last-second, game-changing shots ESPN has collected for you to view at your leisure and remember exactly where you were and how you felt when the net snapped and the scoreboard hit 0:00.

One of those shots is Tyus Edney's coast-to-coast layup versus Missouri in the second round of the 1995 NCAA Tournament that spurred the Bruins on to their 11th championship.

But watching isn't enough. You will also be voting on which buzzer-beaters should advance in the ESPN SportsNation bracket. Cast your votes and then watch SportsNation's Buzzer-Beater special on Monday, March 15 at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN2

You know what to do: Vote for Tyus. After you are done voting for Tyus come back right here and share with us your memories of watching that incredible shot.

Back in 2006 we asked everyone here to take a drive down memory lane and share with us exactly where they were when Tyus went coast to coast. Here was one courtesy of godblesstyus95 (now "Blue Me"):

At Maloney's, downstairs bar
and as I have said, probably one of the two greatest sports moments of my life (Gibson's HR in '88 being the other), was with about half dozen friends watching the game, lamenting about (yet another) Harrick tourney failure, then absolute mayhem broke out. AWESOME BABY!!!! I knew we were a team of destiny at that moment, and sure enough, we cruised the rest of the way. God bless you, Tyus (and Ed, and George and Toby and Cameron and all the rest of the '95 team!)

Well we have have made more friends here on BN in last four years. For everyone else who hasn't gotten to share that memory now is the time to share your story of witnessing that Bruin magic transpire in Boise. So share your memories after you cast your vote for Tyus right here.

Guess this is one way of making us feel good on the eve of the tournament season.