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Attention UCLA Students: Storm Staples Center For Only 10 Bucks

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<em>Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">yvonne2779's photostream (flickr)</a></em>
Photo Credit: yvonne2779's photostream (flickr)

Just got this email from Morgan Center:

"In celebration of our 10th Anniversary we are pleased to announce that for Friday night’s Semi-Final Games we are able to offer all Pac-10 Conference students the opportunity to come out and support their team in the conference tournament at STAPLES Center for just $10.00,"  Lee Zeidman, General Manager, STAPLES Center.

All UCLA students have to do is visit the STAPLES Center Box Office and show a valid student ID, and for $10 will receive a ticket in the 300 Upper Concourse for both of Friday night’s games. Also students can also visit and enter the special promotions code "STUDENT10".

Again I personally don't feel any hope for tomorrow night's game. From what I saw tonight Cal's shooters appeared smoking hot and most likely they will be shredding our defense one way or another. That said it was interesting to see our guys not quit when they could have easily melted down (especially after Tyler Honeycutt fouled out) this afternoon at Staples. Yeah I know. Many of us have been totally disgusted with this year's team. Yet we still somehow watched them this afternoon. Even though I don't think we have a shot tomorrow, many of us are going to spend our Friday night screaming at Rag and Jerime and cursing ourselves for watching.

If we were in Southern California I am betting all of us would be there in person.  So I am sure you all can do the same.  Checking out a UCLA basketball (no matter the state of our program) for $10 is always a good deal and I hear these days there are pretty decent bars (if you are over 21) to get your pre-game drinks on before the game.

So get out there tomorrow and support our Bruins and come back over here to shove crow down the throats of all the negative nancies (like yours truly) who have written off this season. It would also be a perfect payback for all the times we have called out your loyalty to our team at times this season. Time to storm Stapes.