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UCLA Football 2010 Off-season: Athletic Testing

I know everyone is thinking of hoops, but football is on my mind.  We are now just 20 days away from the start of spring football camp. The Bruins recently wrapped up their winter quarter athletic performance training with a series of tests to evaluate how well they have developed. UCLA head athletic performance coach Mike Linn takes us through the testing process and share never before seen footage from the weight room and practice fields in the following video:

Some quick notes from watching that video:

  • It was really good to see how hard Milton Knox has been working this off-season. It seems kind of significant to see him so motivated despite the fact that he has been down on the depth chart (with two more talented freshmen coming in) and subject to transfer rumors.
  • The highlights in Richard Brehaut and Kevin Prince was pretty interesting to watch. Brehaut looks lot stronger. Prince not only has gained more muscle, he looks FAST.
  • Dalton Hilliard, the RB from Hawaii (who was moved over to defensive backfield last year and redshirted looks like a machine. I have heard good feedback on him about how he has been a pretty solid hitter as a SS. It will be very interesting to see if he can break into the rotation (now that Glenn Love has been moved over to LB spot).
  • OG Ryan Taylor from the video looked pretty solid. He was looking good this past season when he had to step in after Eddie Williams went down. He then had his ankle injury. He looked pretty healthy in those highlights.
  • Really great to see the camradrie among these players. Kind of hilarious to see guys hooting and hollering over our punters and kickers (then again they have been the MVP of our team in recent years. LOL). They at least in the highlights look like a team that is very close to each other.

In any event, as S&C coach Mike Lynn said at the end none of these highlights matter if the team doesn't translate the off-season success into progress on the field. For us that should be at least a winning season in the conference play next year.