Drago... How many passes does a guy get?

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Drago True Story: Long.

Not to pile on, but I witnessed something a few weeks ago that I thought I would just let go until after the season.

I post mostly on the football board of BRO, but those of you who know me, know I live in Oregon.  

To set this up, my father had a heart attack the week of January 24th.  He was in the hospital and stable, so I decided to fly down as soon as I could, which was on Sunday, January 31st, the day AFTER the Bruins beat Oregon State 62-52.  I had to buy a last minute ticket on Alaska and got bumped to first class.  I was sitting in first class waiting for the rest of the plane to board, when on walks the whole UCLA basketball team.  I'm a diehard fan, and I was totally pumped to see them all.  They were all talkative as they boarded and to my surprise, Coah Howland sat in the first class seat right in front of me.

As the plane filled up and we readied to taxi, the volume coming from the back of the plane seemed a little louder than usual...and I thought the team must be having a little fun.  When we got about half way to the runway from the gate, the plane stopped and idled for what seemed like more than the usual amount of pre takeoff time.  I was quite anxious to get going, being nervous about my dad's condition, and I thought for sure the captain was going to come on the speaker and say we had mechanical issues or something.

What I saw and heard next made me angry and sad.  The lead flight attendant came to the front of the plane and began speaking to Coach Howland.  She said that the players were being rude and disrespectful and that one player had crossed the line and was going to be asked to get off the plane.  Coach looked shocked and asked, for the benefit of the other passengers, if he could handle the situation.  The attendant said no, it was past that point.  Guess who it was.  Yep, Drago.

Coach asked what did Drago say, and the flight attendant said: "After I told him to be quiet, the young man said 'what she needs is a wiener'."  I saw Coach turn bright red and tell his assistant coach to get to the back of the plane and let Drago come sit next to him.  The flight attendant agreed after speaking with the captain, and up came Drago, who now got a first class seat next to the coach.

After a few minutes, things settled down and we took off, and I got a first hand listen to Coach completely REEM Drago out, to the effect of: "what is it with you?  You have a great game yesterday and then you pull this ****?  You could have been thrown off the plane!  Do you know there's a sportswriter on this flight?"  Drago tried to speak, but Coach interrupted him saying: "Shut up!  All I want to hear from you is 'i screwed up.  AGAIN.'"  

That was it.  For the rest of the flight, not another word from Drago.  When we landed, the captain came out and spoke directly to Drago: "You are one lucky young man.  I wasn't going to let you fly."  

Drago was quickly escorted off the plane by another assistant, not even stopping to get his things.

At first I was happy with the way Coach handled the situation, but after thinking about it, how many passes should this kid have gotten?

To be honest, I didn't want to be delayed.  I wanted to get down to my dad as soon as possible, but in retrospect, maybe they should have thrown him off the plane, and then off the team for good.

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