Assessing Howland's Job Performance As UCLA Basketball Coach: End Of Season Poll

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We ran this poll at the midpoint of this past season:

At the midpoint of 09-10 hoops season, what is your assessment of Ben Howland's job performance in his 7th year as the head coach of UCLA basketball (7-10), heading towards its only 3rd losing season since 1948 (Lavin is responsible for the previous 2)?

Here were the results from more than 800 votes cast in that poll. That mid-season survey gave Howland a 37 percent approval rating from BN. 40 percent of BN disapproved of the job Howland was doing at midpoint of this past season while 20 percent were unsure. Here were some comments and reactions to the poll at the time which some accused of being biased.

If you want to get a sense of who are voting in these polls here is the make up of BN according to our most recent survey which shows at least 60 percent of this community is comprised of Bruin alums.

Anyway, the season is over and it is going to be interesting to see what the pulse of this community is following only the 3rd losing season since Coach Wooden took over this program. Just put up a new poll assessing Howland's job performance with a simplified the question this time around:

At the end of 09-10 hoops season, what is your assessment of Ben Howland's job performance going into his 8th year as the head coach of UCLA basketball?

You can cast your vote here and leave any comments on the poll and how you voted and why you vote the way you did right in this thread.


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