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UCLA: One Of's College Basketball's 10 Most Valuable Teams

Better days (Bruins will be back). AP Photo/Reed Saxon
Better days (Bruins will be back). AP Photo/Reed Saxon

We check in at number 9:

9. UCLA Bruins

Team Value: $16.8 million
Profit: $8.7 million
Head Coach: Ben Howland
Conference: Pac-10
Previous Value Rank: 13
Los Angeles County, Calif., Population: 9,862,049

Over the last five seasons, the Bruins trail only North Carolina in number of NCAA tournament games played, earning millions of dollars for fellow Pac-10 Conference member-schools.

Just not this year.

Rest of the top-10 in order are North Carolina, Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas, Illinois (WTH?!), Indiana, Ohio State, Syracuse, and Arizona. Very interestingly Duke is not in that group which missed the cut by checking in at number 11.

What is interesting is that given the value of our program I would think our administration (if they wanted to do it) would be in position to raise enormous amount of cash if they explored the opportunities of corporate sponsorships when it comes to Pauley's naming rights. Something to think about in terms of raising adequate $ necessary to renovate the arena in a way that makes as many people as practicable happy. That ship has most likely sailed but still something to think about.