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Saturday 2nd Round Madness Open Thread

The madness continues today with the second round of action.Yesterday gave us Cornell romping all over Temple and Wisconsin just barely hanging on to beat Wofford. Of course, the Pac-10 also proved just how good it is with Cal beating Louisville. The conference is now 2-0 for the NCAA Tournament. Best conference in basketball? Probably. We're done with the crazy first round now and today begins the round where the top teams either get taken down or really pushed. Remember, the second round is where the Bruins got pushed to the limit by Alabama, Indiana and Texas A&M before battling their way through and advancing to the Final Four.

Yesterday was not nearly as exciting as Thursday, but we could get some good ones today. Murray St. will go looking for upset #2 when they take on Butler. Ohio, Old Dominion and Washington will all do the same. Also, keep an eye on St. Mary's versus Villanova. That one could have all the makings of a shocker. March Madness On-Demand has all the games online again and you can grab it in the widget below. More madness. More fun. More open thread. Have fun with it everyone.