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Baseball vs. UCSB/WBB March Madness Games Thread

It's going to be about the lockdown defense if the Bruins are to take down the Cornhuskers (Photo Credit: b_d)
It's going to be about the lockdown defense if the Bruins are to take down the Cornhuskers (Photo Credit: b_d)

Big, big day Bruins. The baseball team will kick things off in the afternoon and then the women's basketball team will bring it home in the evening. It should be a fun day and both teams are looking to do something awesome. The baseball team has its sights set on a 17-0 start, while the women's basketball team will look to topple top-seeded Nebraska in the NCAA Tournament and move onto the Sweet 16.

The baseball team is at UC Santa Barbara for a 2 pm PST start against the 9-6 Gauchos. UCSB is 6-3 at home and have a couple solid wins to their name already so they're a challenge and with the Bruins just one of two undefeated teams left in the country, you can bet they're going to get every team's best shot. Senior Garett Claypool (1-0, 2.30 ERA) is on the mound for the Bruins and he'll be up against a junior Jesse Meaux, who is 3-0 with a 2.35 ERA, but has a 1.71 ERA in his three starts this season.

After the baseball team gets done, it's the women's turn to shine at 6:30 pm PST. N had a roundup on the team this morning and got to the key of it. It's going to be about the defense. Nebraska didn't lose a game until the Big XII Tournament and completely dominated teams. They're what you expect out of a number one seed and the Bruins will have a tough go of it tonight, but if they put in 40 minutes of great defense, they have a chance. There was some deserved grumbling over the Bruins' low seed and while it sucks that they have to take on a top seed this early, the Bruins can flip that and make it suck for Nebraska, having to play UCLA so early. You can watch the game on ESPN2 (if they stay on it tonight), but definitely on ESPNU.

That's what we've got today everyone. Hopefully the two teams go out there and let it fly. This is your games thread so make it fly yourselves. Game updates, thoughts, analysis, random comments, anything. Have at it.