Mikey Garrett Launches Scuds At Neuheisel & Guerrerro, Indirectly Fires Shots At NCAA

Mike Garrett, who runs the most scandalous athletic program in college athletics took time to post some drivel on USC's official website this week, which included two specific shots at Rick Neuheisel and Dan Guerrerro. From the OC Register:

First, Garrett reiterated that no USC student-athlete, coach or staff member will take part in an NCAA pool because it is considered gambling.
"There have been several notable examples of college athletic department employees who have broken this rule, and we’re fortunate we have those examples to teach us all that the only way to do it is the right way. So our athletes and staff must act like Trojans and do the right thing, because it’s not worth jeopardizing eligibility or damaging reputations over a few dollars in a tournament bracket."

Second, Garrett explained why he wouldn’t be involved in a tournament selection committee.
"Many athletic directors sit on the tournament selection committees, but it’s something I have never done, nor will ever do in the future. I’m here to win and be involved in the lives of our student-athletes, and for someone with tunnel vision like me, it’s not best for our program if I sit on committees that consume such time and take me away from my No. 1 job. I’m into helping and educating our student-athletes — not being a cog in a bureaucracy."

First of all the juvenile shot concerning NCAA pool is pretty freaking hilarious given how CRN essentially won a multi-million dollar settlement against UDub's athletic department over that incident. Mikey forgot to mention that UDub's athletic department was being run by his protege Barbara Hodges at the time (Mike's other protege Lisa Love is also embroiled in NCAA controversy over at ASU).

Second, it is hilarious for Mikey to take jabs at DG for being involved in the selection committee because of him being so "involved" with the "lives" of his student-athletes. Remember it's the same Mikey who just weeks ago was puffed up by the LA Times for being a "hands off" AD:

Any athletic director is somewhat removed from his teams' daily operations, and the NCAA places ultimate responsibility on university presidents.

And for being removed from the team's daily operations:

As for coaches, Garrett says he looks for intensity, leadership and vision. He remains hands-off, so long as they win.

A similar relationship has formed between him and his boss. Asked about Garrett's managerial style, Sample says, "To be honest with you, I see him more in terms of results."

Uhm, so what kind of AD Mikey is? He can't get his story straight apparently. Is he a hands off AD or is he someone who is totally involved in students' lives?  If he is someone who is actually involved in "lives" of his "student-athletes" then how does he explain years of scandals involved his precious "student-athletes" right under his nose?

Also, note how this clown is taking shots at the NCAA as being some non-relevant "bureaucracy" which apparently doesn't have anything to do with "student-athletes" (probably not the types who are "enrolled" in Mikey's programs based on Senora Rosa's grades and coddled with (allegedly) millions of dollars worth of illegal benefits and fancy Range Rovers).

Well we will ultimately get the verdict from NCAA in a matter of weeks. We will find out whether this instition has any sense of integrity and consistency in serving up due justice. If they don't step up they will be the ones looking like ultimate clowns further emboldening shady characters like Garrett, who is basically nothing but a high paid goon from United States of China.


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