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Ben Howland Comments On DePaul Rumors

I will start a fresh thread to make sure Coach Ben Howland's comments on the DePaul "rumors" stand up more prominently. Via email from Marc Dellins at UCLA Ben Howland issued the following:

"I am the coach at UCLA. I will never leave UCLA and will stay at UCLA as long as they will have me."

Also on Sporting News:

Howland told Sporting News any reports of him being interested in DePaul were "absolutely unfounded, untrue – 100 percent unequivocal."

Again, read the quotes very closely. They do not deny whether any kind of discussion took place. Howland might not have any interest in the DePaul job at this point but it is unclear whether there were discussions with DePaul through either direct or indirect sources. Also,  Pat Forde is one of the best from ESPN. He doesn't float random nonsense.

The rumor is now out and even if it has been "denied" it will impact our recruiting. The question again becomes who floated this story concerning DePaul. It seems lot more than just bunch of news columnists thinking out loud.


UPDATE (N): Frank Burlison has more on this:

He did confirm that his representative was contacted by DePaul officials to gauge his interest "but I never talked to anyone from DePaul."

He would not confirm Internet reports that DePaul offered him a contract that would have paid him more than $3 million per season for seven years.

Howland gave a strong denial in terms of 'coach speak.' However, it looks like he was contacted and questions will remain about what exactly gave DePaul reps idea to contact his rep for this kind of possible move. A school like DePaul wouldn't consider contacting someone of Howland's stature out of the blue. Still for now it is good to know Howland is sticking around. I will certainly not holding against him about his reps. hearing other overtures.

At the same time it would make sense that people realize that the idea of Howland being a lifer in Westwood is etched in stone. The events of this past year of recent weeks certainly indicate there is possibility of movement, especially if Howland doesn't get the program where it belongs within next two years.. GO BRUINS.