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Elite Eight March Madness Open Thread

Today, we'll find out half of the Final Four equation. One thing that we're guaranteed to see is a team in Indianapolis who we're not used to seeing in the college baseball spotlight. The first game today features Kansas St. and Butler, which means we get the boys from Manhattan, Kansas against the program who are best known for playing their home games made famous by Hoosiers. Both schools have a recent athletic connection to UCLA too with the basketball team having played Butler earlier this season and the football team taking on Kansas St. both last year and again this year.

The second game of the day is the lone 1 vs. 2 match-up in the Elite Eight with Kentucky taking on West Virginia. The Wildcats' offense was anemic at best in their Sweet 16 win over Cornell and now that they have to play a team that is in the same class as them athletically, things might get hairy for Kentucky. West Virginia has a tendency to be undisciplined though and against a talented team like Kentucky, they can't afford it. Unfortunately, this match-up means that either John Calipari or Bob Huggins will be in the Final Four.

The Butler/Kansas St. game gets underway at 1:30 pm PST and is followed by Kentucky/West Virginia at 4:05 pm PST. March Madness On-Demand has all the games online again and you can grab it in the widget below. More madness. More fun. More open thread. Have fun with it everyone.