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Howland Suspends Bobo Morgan For Thursday, Dragovic/Nelson Medically Cleared To Play


Freshman J’mison Morgan was suspended by UCLA coach Ben Howland on Wednesday and will miss Thursday’s game at Arizona. The disciplinary action was the result of a violation of team rules.

Okay then. Meanwhile Nelson and Rag has been cleared for this weekend:

UCLA freshman forward Reeves Nelson was medically cleared to play in UCLA's regular season-ending roadtrip this weekennd at Arizona and Arizona State. Nelson had retinal surgery on Feb. 22 to replace a retinal tear in his left eye. He was fitted for eyewear and practiced today in his new goggles.

UCLA senior forward Nikola Dragovic, meanwhile, practiced today without issue after playing through a sprained ankle and sore shoulder that required a pre-game shot on Saturday.

I am guessing this means we will continue to get 30+ mins of Ragovic per game to close out the season. It would be good to hear exactly what Morgan was suspended for. I wonder what did exactly Bobo do to merit one game suspension?

Perhaps Howland did the right thing with Bobo. However, right now lot of us don't have confidence in him in terms of whether he treats all his players in a fair manner. If we don't get any more information besides "violation of team rules" line, it will raise more questions about whether Ben Howland plays favorites when it comes to enforcing team discipline.