[UPDATE x2] St. Johns Commits Suicide (Already Prescheduled A Home & Home w UCLA Next Season)

From the New York Times:

The seemingly endless St. John’s men’s basketball coaching search appears close to completion. The university is poised to hire the former U.C.L.A. coach Steve Lavin. The two sides met Monday for several hours in Manhattan and were optimistic about finalizing a deal.

"I think both parties entered the meeting with the intention of getting this done," said a person with direct knowledge of the meeting who requested anonymity because a deal had not been completed.

The person added that the two parties had "productive and positive dialogue" and would continue discussions Tuesday.

What is pretty hilarious is to see these reporters pimp Lavin as some kind of "brand" name:

Lavin is a brand name, which would help promote St. John’s in a city where the school has become increasingly irrelevant. But Lavin has not coached or recruited on the East Coast. His only coaching stops were as an assistant at Purdue and assistant and head coach at U.C.L.A.

Lavin is a "brand" for uhm what exactly? What are these guys smoking? I wonder if any of these guys actually watched the UCLA basketball games with Lavin as a "coach." If St. John's AD is dumb enough (and it appears he just might be the stupidest athletic official in the country) to hire this con artist, the only thing it will prove is the power of propoganda from tWWL which effectively marketed an incompetent bumbling bufoon as a credible head coach.

At this point, I want Lav to close the deal and get this gig. St. John's brass is idiotic enough to make them a perfect match with the dumbest doofus ever to dress up as a "head coach."


UPDATE (N): Comedy gold from the New York Post (emphasis added):

After turning to Lavin on Saturday, as reported exclusively in The Post, the two sides came together like a Bruin to honey. Lavin has been out of coaching since 2003 after being fired at UCLA following his only losing season.

Bruin to honey? WT_? Oh it gets better:

"I haven't gone on wild-goose chases," Lavin told The Post. "It's going to take a unique situation for me to put the armor on one more time. St. John's is a tremendous opportunity: a great city, a great conference, a great talent base, great academics."

Armor? ROFL. And then here is the chaser:

"I know some people in the city don't want to believe this, but recruiting the L.A. area might be crazier than recruiting New York," said the coach. "What he went through every day out there would break a lot of coaches. But he built great relationships and he became known as a player's coach."

Yeah, we had no idea that becoming a joke in the West Coast recruiting circles was such hard work. Obviously the Post didn't contact Baron Davis to get him to comment on Lav's player relationships.

There is so much fail in this debacle, not sure how we can wrap it up all in post or even series of posts. As mentioned above, Johnies and this clown seem to be a perfect fit for all the wrong reasons. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): It's official per Andy Katz of tWWL. Here is the best part of the report:

[T]he Red Storm has a home-and-home series signed for next season against UCLA, Lavin's former team.

Game on. GO BRUINS.

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