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Who Is The "Sexiest Woman Alive"? Steve Lavin Or Lane Kiffin?

So it looks like St. Johns has committed is indeed on the verge of committing suicide by hiring the worst person ever to "coach" any sports in the history of UCLA athletics. This guy is not worthy of being addressed as a "coach." Observers who followed the Bruin program for years (and actually watched the games under this clown) thought of him as the most incompetent and laziest individual ever to roam the Bruin sidelines at Pauley.

If you want to read our recent posts on this joker you can get briefed here, here, here, and here.

The great thing for us is we will not have this moron representing "West Coast pov" on tWWL any more. He will be off our tvee at least for 2-4 years before he gets destroyed in the Big East. I am guessing his peers will vote him "Big East COY" after he wins 18-20 games next season and get them into the tourney, just to keep the idiot around.

Anyway, for now though the only question we have to decide is this? Who is the "sexiest woman alive" in college athletics?

This could be a very interesting poll. The comment thread is all yours on who you voted for and why. Fire away.