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More Video Highlights From UCLA's "Pro Day"

Last night we posted video from Morgan Center on UCLA's ‘Pro-Day' out in Westwood. Today few more videos came out featuring the comments and highlights featuring the workouts of Reggie Carter, Brian Price and Korey Bosworth.

Let's start with a recap video featuring comments Brian Price, ATV, Korey Bosworth and Ben Olson (Ben finally made it out this year after not being able to participate last year due to his unfortunate injuries).

The interviews had some funny comments from Price and ATV about their plans for draft day. More videos after the jump.

Here are video highlights of Brian Price from

tWWL also caught up with Reggie Carter:

Really cool to everyone cheering on Reggie during his bench presses. Lastly, Sam Farmar from the LAT had a nice interview with Korey Bosworth:

Good luck to all of our guys chasing after their dreams.