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Bruins Get Buried in the Southwestern Desert, Like so Many Gangstas Before

No, no, Drago did not attend a pregame concert in Tuscon. The Bruins did, however, come from ahead to drop a winnable game to the Standard (can we even use that in the correct mocking tone anymore?), 78-73 at McKale Center.

Michael Roll continued his late-season senior charge with another outstanding performance, scoring 21 points while racking up 5 rebounds and 4 assists while playing all but 2 minutes this evening. Tyler Honeycutt had what is becoming a typical game for him with another double-double, scoring 11 points and 11 rebounds, while dishing out 4 assists (though he turned the ball over 4 times). Malcolm Lee even looked good at the times in which he was free to play his more natural position of the 2-guard, scoring 13 points - though looking sad on his thankfully limited outside shots - and pulling in 4 rebounds.

Kyle Fogg again lit up the Bruins, following up his 25 point performance at Pauley with 26 points tonight on 8-12 shooting, leading Marques to at least one point in the telecast to call out the Bruins coverage of Wise, particularly the lackluster defensive play of Jerime Anderson.

If nothing else, tonight's game saw a couple of the freshmen see extended playing time. Brendan Lane scored 7 points and racked up 6 rebounds in 27 minutes before fouling out in the final miuntes, while Mike Moser saw 4 minutes of action (really, don't laugh. While that doesnt seem like much, that is well above his Pac-10 play average). Good thing that Drago's play kept Lane out of the lineup; too much of Lane could have really screwed us this year

The coaching staff's love of Nicola Dragovic is well known to Bruins Nation, and is easy pickings for us to note in hindsight (or while the game is ongoing. Really at any point). The fact that Dragovic played 39 minutes in this game is sad, but entirely expected at this point. Even the Rhodes Scholar-level intentional foul with 14 seconds remaining that sealed the Wildcats win can't be totally be put on Drago's head; in the end, it is CBH that sees Drago as worthy of seeing 34+ minutes/game.

The more mystifying personnel decision of the evening was Mustafa Abdul-Hamid only seeing 6 minutes of play. No one will mistake MAH as being an all-conference PG, but he is a solid, and steadying presence on the court. When Malcolm Lee was forced to come out of the game in the second half with cramps, MAH was the logical choice to come in and maintain the Bruin lead. Instead, we saw more of JA at that point, and the Wildcats begain their winning run. I'll let y'all allow your feelings on JA, Drago, and CBH's mystifying personnel decisions speak for yourselves. This is your postgame thread.

Go Bruins!