Josh Smith/Tyler Lamb To Work Out With Kevin Love At UCLA This Summer

From the LA Times today:

Smith, who is 6 feet 9, 270 pounds, is the cornerstone of the group, though his conditioning is a concern. Smith and Lamb are expected to take summer classes at UCLA, and Smith is ticketed to work out with former Bruin Kevin Love, who Howland said will return to school this summer.

"That's one reason, along with getting started academically, that it will be good to have him here," Howland said of Smith. "It'll be nice that he'll be around Kevin. It's not just working out, but it is also doing a better job with your diet. It's more important for certain players than others."

We have talked about how addressing Smith's conditioning issue is one of the 5 key factors for Ben Howland this off season. So if this is true, it is really encouraging news.

This also shows how KL is not just another "one and done." He is a Bruin for life and the way he has handled himself since he left UCLA, has made him one of my favorite Bruins of all time.


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