Is CBH Insane?

One definition of insane is - someone who does the same thing over and over again and expects a different result. CBH sure seems to fit this definition. Several observations about some of the players on the team have been stated by numerous posters here on BN and also have been further supported by various former coaches and commentators. What other explanation can there be for CBH making the same erroneous coaching decisions repeatedly - he must be Insane. I've supported CBH just like many of us have for the last 6 years, but several of his coaching moves and management just don't make any sense. I'm pissed off because I just can't figure out what the heck he's doing or done with the following:

1. Handling/Planning of JH and the pg situation

2. Recruiting for the past 3 years (especially the fab soph class).

3. Urging of certain players to transfer (RW, CS, possibly DG)

4. Poor evaluation of JA, he has played too many minutes this year. As I and many others have stated before, he has absolutely no guard skills and is a TO machine. When he has the ball, I cringe, waiting for him to make a poor/slow pass, dribble it off his foot, let the defender take it from him, fall down with the ball, have a pass go off his stone-like hands. To add to this, he can't play defense at all, OLE!

5. The minutes given to ND - ridiculuous. He is not even a good shooter. When evaluating a shooter it is important to see how badly he misses his shots. A good shooter's missed shots will be in&out, slighly long, but generally still close to going in. A bad shooter's missed shots, conversely, have a lot of bricks. In most games, several of ND's missed shots are bricks, barely grazing the rim or clanging hard off the rim. Just by evaluating his missed shots, no one with any BBall knowledge could consider ND a good shooter, it's ridiculous!

6. Sticking with M2M defense for such a long time this season.

7. Team unity, morale, intensity, and accountability of his players.

8. Player development.

I would like to give CBH a pass for this year, but because of the multitude of issues wrt the program, I just can't do it. If we just had a lack of talent, but CBH seemed to be making reasonable coaching decisions, then I would let him have his mulligan year. However, it seems that the program has several problems.

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