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Still More Baseball Game Thread

Rob Rasmussen has the series in his hands (Photo Credit: Official Site)
Rob Rasmussen has the series in his hands (Photo Credit: Official Site)

They may have played 16 innings yesterday, but UCLA and Oregon St. still have more baseball to play. Some very important baseball in fact. With the series tied at one apiece, today's game will decide the all-important series winner in a gigantic Pac-10 series. The Beavers need to take each and every one of their home series, but the Bruins have the chance to pick up a conference road series win against one of the Pac-10's top teams. It's a big one and could end up being a case of who's still got arms after UCLA used a lot of their key pitchers the last two days and Oregon St. went through eight yesterday.

With both teams a little short on pitching, it was be imperative that the starting pitchers go deep into the game. For UCLA, the starting pitcher will be Rob Rasmussen (4-0, 2.95 ERA), a southpaw who has won his last four starts. Oregon St. will counter with Sam Gaviglio (1-0, 1.35 ERA), a very talented pitcher who was coming out of the bullpen and only made his first start of the season last week as he recovered from injury.

Things get underway at noon PDT and as has been the case the last two days, the options for following along are GameTracker as always, my UCLA baseball twitter as always and if you're willing to pay, the Oregon St. video stream. If this game is anything like the first two of the series, we're in for a treat, but hopefully we get yesterday's result instead of Friday's. Anyways, this is your baseball open thread so share whatever you've got, be it updates, analysis, thoughts, questions, whatever. It's all yours.