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Honoring A Bruin Legend: Dodgers/MLB Celebrate Jackie Robinson Day

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Thanks to bruinbabe2000 for the reminder. Los Angeles Dodgers along with the entire League celebrated one of the greatest Bruins of all time last night at the ball parks. Yesterday was Jackie Robinson Day at Chavez Ravine:

"The thing that I like about [the celebration] is that it's something they stress every year since they started doing it," Dodgers outfielder Garret Anderson said. "It wasn't that long ago but it's still a couple generations back. So maybe one kid asks his dad, 'Who was that guy?'"

As part of the celebration the Blue Crew wore number 42 (along with other teams around MLB). Some pretty cool photos were posted over at BRO's new baseball forum.

The celebration had a perfect ending as the Dodgers rallied to beat the Diamondbacks in 10 innings. May be they should wear number 42 more often at the Chavez Ravine?