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UCLA Eying A JC QB With Bruin Connections: Darius Bell

Since this information is out there (already posted on and might as well share it here as well. Credit really goes to Brandon Huffman from for being on top of this story before anyone else. Coach Rick Neuheisel and his staff have been recruiting a JC QB out of San Francisco City College. His name is Darius Bell. Here is his profile on which has him listed around 6-0, 218. He also happens to be the younger brother of Kahlil Bell, who is a big fan of CRN and the current UCLA coaching staff.

Darius just finished one season at San Francisco CC where he transferred over from Montana State. He ended up at Montana State because former Bruin OC Jim Svoboda was the OC there at the time (before leaving to become the head coach at Central Missouri). Bell didn't stick around there and came into San Francisco CC without losing any eligibility. On paper and according these highlights Bell looks like a dual threat type of QB (HT BRO):

Here is a write-up on Bell from last season from a Bay Area paper before he started his season at San Francisco CC. He ended up throwing for 1,905 yards and 21 touchdowns in 2009. He was picked off 5 times. He also rushed for 870 yards and 12 touchdowns. Those highlights are fun to watch and the numbers are certainly impressive but let's not get carried away here.

Before anyone gets way too excited keep in mind the following:

  • Kevin Craft was the top ranked QB coming out of JC (not a joke)
  • The history of JC transfers getting their required coursework in to get admitted to UCLA is not all that great

If Bell does indeed get into UCLA that would certainly add some depth into our QB chart. Still it is way too early to think how that scenario would work out and how it would impact possible RS scenarios of Richard Brehaut.  After all Kraft was brought in chiefly for insurance purposes before he got pressed into service due to unreal injury issues in CRN's first year.

The news is kind of intriguing though. Bell's athletic skills could be a fit for the new revolver packages coaches are currently integrating into our offensive scheme. If everything works out Bell could be enrolled for this upcoming Fall but as mentioned above the road for JC football transfers to Spaulding have traditionally been more than a little rocky. We will see how it all turns out.